Governance Committee

The Governance Committee addresses developments and issues surrounding the governance of benefit corporations and other social enterprise structures. The Governance Committee is currently focused on the development of forms for use by:

  • benefit corporations
  • Delaware public benefit corporations
  • limited liability companies
  • benefit LLCs
  • corporations incorporated in a jurisdiction that only authorizes special purpose corporations
  • corporations incorporated in a jurisdiction with a constituency statute, but none of the other new legal forms

As a new committee, the Chairperson welcomes new members and new ideas regarding topics and projects to be addressed by the committee. We look forward to developing a robust working group of thought leaders in this area.

Membership on the Governance Committee is open to any member in good standing of the BCBA. To apply for Committee membership, please contact the Committee Chair or the Executive Director.

Sharon C. Lincoln – Chairperson
Casner & Edwards LLP
303 Congress Street
Boston, MA  02210
(617) 426-5900